A Step By Step Process To Building & Scaling An Online Fitness Business & Replacing Your Offline Income  Gaining Time & Location Freedom Building A Brand That Lasts

PLUS Coaching, support, feedback and custom built training created each week.

What If I Told You That Establishing Replacing Your Offline Income With An Online Fitness Coaching Business Was Simpler Than Most Coaches Would Have You Believe?

Over the past 2 months, PropaneFitness has generated more revenue than we both used to earn as accountants and bankers in the corporate world.

We started PropaneFitness back in 2009, when the online world was a very different place.

For years, we wrote the odd blog on a crappy website and our marketing strategy was to post a link to the blog on Facebook/

Slowly, we gained a few clients each paying £50/month for 100% of our timeBetween 2009 and 2015, we generated around £70,000 IN TOTAL from this strategy...a measley £12,000 per year...between two of us...to pay for a LOT of time and energy.

What's interesting is that between 2015 and today, we've managed to more than 15X our business and generate more revenue per month than we used to generate per year. 

Hey, we're Jonny & Yusef...


Three years ago, we quit our jobs as accountants and investment bankers to pursue a business in an industry that we loved. If we're being completely honest - we had NO CLUE what we were doing. We had no credibility, didn't know how to set up a website and didn't even know the first thing about how an online fitness business worked.

We undercharged for an all consuming service over text, email and phone call - trading time for money in our "job" that we called a business.

Every time a client cancelled...it was a punch to the stomach...a threatening reminder that we may have made the wrong decision and that maybe we'd need to go back to 9-5 life.

It wasn't until after lots of failed attempts, trial and error and crippling frustration that we managed to stitch together some strategies and tactics that started to work CONSISTENTLY.

We know coach hundreds of clients around the world, broke past the mystical 6 figure mark online and have a team of people supporting our business and community as we acquire new clients every day like clockwork.

Today, we want to give you the opportunity to BYPASS all of this without the failures and frustrations of trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

We know that the online fitness industry will live and die on successful offline coaches being able to deliver an amazing service online...only then will everyone consider an online PT just as much as they would an offline PT.

We also know that what most coaches are teaching you...how to get leads, make sales and build funnels is only one tiny part of the puzzle.

See, actually DELIVERING coaching online in a way that is high quality and scalable for 10, 100 and 1000 clients is what is a challenge. We want to share our business model, tactics and strategies so that we, along with other trainers, can be part of an ever expanding online coaching industry!


A 12 week course taking you through a replicable framework for setting up, launching, managing and scaling your online fitness business.

We've spent the last 5 years developing this process and it's something we're using every month to grow our own business, PropaneFitness.

Fitness coaches that we've worked with who apply our processes have been able to completely replace their offline income, and then some.

The 4 Pitfalls of Online Coaching

1. "Help Costs Too Much"

Consider the lifetime value of just ONE online client. Imagine ALL you get out of help and information from people who have done this before themselves is ONE online client.

Assuming you're charging at least £80-125/month (you should be) and they stay at least 6 months (they definitely should be) then you're looking at £500-£750 in cash generated even if the business totally flops!

Of course, you have one client...getting 2,3 or 10 isn't any more complicated!

2. I'll Be Fine On My Own

Why would "fine" be the goal you're shooting for here?!

Setting up an online business properly gives you the potential to gain total freedom financially and have total control over when, where and how you work.

Sure, try on your own for free, take no risk financially but you ARE taking the risk that it won't work and that by the time you've got this all set up...you'll be late to an over crowded market.

This took us YEARS to figure out ourselves...we're offering you the quicker path here.

3. There's Loads Of Free Advice...I'll Just Use That...

There are also plenty of free programmes and diet plans online...yet you're looking to charge for the service?

Why is that?

Lets be honest, free courses are free for a reason - with JUST information, we don't do anything. We invest in help, implementation and the strategy of how to use the information.

This is an investment decision. You're looking to build a business here and the fundamental law of investment is that you have to take some financial "risk" in order to access a reward.

So many coaches fail because they think they can set up a recurring, cash generating business for free.

We invest cash up front to acquire what we need to start, put the advice into place and make the return with the profits and cash the business generates.

If you're trying to set up a business without paying a penny, trust me, it won't work!

4. I've Paid For This Sort Of Thing Before

I assume, since you're here, that it didn't work?

Despite what many coaches teach you, setting up a fitness business online properly isn't a quick and easy thing.

It takes, time, effort and dedication applied to principles that work in the fitness industry. Most coaches selling advice in this area don't have a fitness business themselves.

Rationally...if they had a process that was churning out "leveraged" six figure incomes, WHY ON EARTH are they not doing it themselves?!

Are we saying we have all the secrets and the magical programme here? Not at all! We're simply teaching what we've done, that has worked and what we are continuing to do to grow PropaneFitness.com. To us, the best people to follow are those who are already where you want to be.

Results From This Process

In our own fitness business - PropaneFitness.com:

And for coaches & PTs just like you:

Alex - The Sports Dietician

✅ Moved into coaching online full time

✅ Scaled his revenue to 6k/month

✅ Built solid, repeatable systems in his business

Ryan - Project Barbell

✅ Built his Powerlifting coaching brand from scratch to full time online coach.

✅ Replaced his offline income by coaching online.

✅ Collaborated with some of the best online coaches in the world.

Charlotte - Belly Dance Coach

✅ Charlotte's first launch generated £1295 in sales without any ad spend and converted 25% of the leads into sales.

✅ She is now re-running this process and scaling her group coaching programme.

Colin - Performance Sports Therapy

✅️ Built an online business to support his offline clinic.

✅ Developed a more complete understanding of aspects of business that he'd previously learned before and learned to IMPLEMENT the principles.

✅ Converted 83-100% of leads into applications for his programme and a 50% conversion of applications into sales.

Bobby & Ryan - Strength Odyssey

✅Built a strength coaching company online to work on while studying their masters qualifications.

✅ Replaced existing systems to give offline and online clients a much better service.

✅ Learned how to build a website themselves, avoiding expensive developer fees.

Meite - Lean Muscle Method

✅ Built his business online from scratch.

✅ Set up a website and brand new online programme without a web developer.

✅Brought clients in through his new sales process.

Jason - Integrity Online Fitness

✅ Built his business online from scratch.

✅Used a proven system to avoid frustration in only 3 months.

✅ Benefited from the coaching and accountability

Brian - Brian Dayman Coaching

✅ Quit his IT job to coach online full time.

✅ Learned how to coach with leverage and systems rather than spending hours on each client.

✅ Developed a reliable lead generation model that allows him to bring clients in on a consistent basis.

Jamie - Jamie Millican Fitness

✅ Transitioning from a full time job outside the industry into a full time online coach.

✅ Was concerned about the size of the investment.

✅ Within 12 weeks he has a functional sales funnel, his online programme built and all the automations built and set up.

✅ He has an entire business model established and working for his online business.

Emma - Emma Haymes PT

✅ Believed that she needed a large audience to make her online business work, was looking for a model that allowed her to succeed online without that.

✅ Within the first 1-2 weeks of the course, she already felt the price of the course was worth the investment.

✅ Liked how the course was very action focussed and prescriptive.

✅ Within 10 weeks, she has defined her niche, gained leads, converted leads and has a full content structure to attract the right people into her business.

And what others have had to say...

What You Get When You Invest In PropaneBusiness...

The PropaneBusiness Foundations Programme
(£1,997 Value)

Our 12-week course is structured to take you through all aspects of online business. We have comprehensive training on niching, content creation, business mechanics, web design & software, online marketing, coaching delivery, system creation and much more. This is a selection of all the tools, strategies and systems we use to run a 6 figure fitness business online.

The PropaneBusiness Fast Track Programme
(£997 Value)

Teaching you the principles, strategies and theory means nothing if you don't actually get results. Inside fast-track, we'll take you step by step through building, marketing and launching your own leveraged online group coaching product so that you have paying clients by the end of 12 weeks with a clear method of serving them. We'll be building your lead gen process, sales systems and your group coaching programme.

Facebook Ads For Online FitPros
(£997 Value)

The core model that we teach DOES NOT require Facebook ads to work. However, for those ready to use online marketing, this is how to set your results to turbo. Over 12 weeks, we'll be teaching you the strategies we use in PropaneFitness to acquire leads and clients with a "break-even" strategy.

1 Months Of Coaching, Live Calls, Bonus Training & Support.
(£1,000 Value)

We're very proud of our PropaneBusiness VIP coaching. With 2 x live calls each week, and constant access to the coaches in the member's only group, we ensure that you get access to the help that you need...when you need it.
On the calls, we offer "hot seats", fill in a short form and have us answer your question, critique your work and solve your problem live. Jump on the calls with us for a 121 coaching session as many times as you like throughout the 6 months.

The PropaneFitness Swipe Files
(£598 Value)

Swipe our tried and tested pages, sales copy and email sequences and apply them in your own business. Take thousands we've spent in testing, and take advantage of it straight away.
In here you get our EXACT sales funnel to model, emails that have generated thousands and access to BOTH of our online fitness programmes and member's areas to model and copy.

Total Value: £5,589

Typical Public Price: £2,995

Webinar Offer: £997, 3 x £427 Or 6 x £427

Got questions? We've answered the most common below

We always recommend that you start an online presence as soon as possible. If you’re in the process of getting your level 3 PT, you can still deliver coaching online as long as you have the correct insurance. Of course, we always recommend that you have enough knowledge in your chosen area to help your target market.

We built PropaneFitness while working full time in the corporate world and completing a medical degree.

We know that if you’re considering making this change, you’re likely already very busy! We’ve designed this to be totally completed in 5 hours of focussed work per week. We’ll be adding you to an interactive to do list to help you keep up to date with the tasks.

Unfortuantely not! This offer is only availlable until the timer runs out and until the webinar offer closes down. You’re always welcome to sign up in the future but it would be without the coaching and at full price. 

Unless you have a profitable business online that is growing month on month, this is the right programme for you. If however, you’re currently at £5,000 per month or more and looking to scale past that, we have a private client service that is more appropriate for you. 

Lifetime access! We give you access to the course to work through as you please and you can use the coaching when it suits you. We recommend that you start the coaching straight away but you’re welcome to work through the course first and then start the coaching. 

Simple. We do this because we enjoy it. We live and breathe this stuff, and we support ourselves financially through PropaneFitness and online coaching so we aren’t doing this to sell crazily expensive packages. We’re well aware that other coaches sell programmes like this WITHOUT the coaching for over £5k, we wanted to be different. 

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