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Online Client Management & Coaching Bundle

What's included?

Client Onboarding

How to make bringing a client into your business a seamless, systematised process that is as automated as possible. Cover everything from details and information capture to creating the WOW factor.

Excel Setup and Programming

Building nutrition and training programs in excel in a way that is easy to use for the client and a powerful tool for the coach.

Client Goal Setting & Expectations

How to set a client up for success from day 1, establishing goals and expectations that are both ambitious while also being easy to hit. Managing motivation and success rates with a simple, repeatable formula.

Excel Set Up Visuals & Cosmetics

No one likes an ugly, clunky spreadsheet! We cover how we build aesthetically pleasing client documents to create a professional feel with everything we offer.

Nutrition Programming

Everything from the basics to advanced when it comes to setting, adjusting and managing client nutrition programming online.

Training Programming

How to progress a client through various progression models, establish which method is best for a client and when it's time to progress to the next level. Build the right training program for the right client at the right time.

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