Your 5 Day Workshop Roadmap & Links

Here's The Itinerary For The 5 Days You're With Us...

Sunday, Day 1 - Your Freedom Number & Setting Business KPIs - 15:00 BST

On day 1 we’re going to be working on setting some realistic, workable goals for your online fitness business and establishing you “freedom number”. Specifically, how many clients and leads you need & what price you’ll need to charge to be able to work in your online fitness business full time. And what needs to happen to replace your current income as an online coach. 

Monday, Day 2 - Your Elevator Pitch & Researching Your Target Market - 15:00 BST

Everyone knows that niche selection and defining your ideal customer is important…but so many coaches teach this concept backwards. We do things a little bit differently and use something called the 3I formula to build an elevator pitch for you and your business. So many coaches you’re competing against have no idea about this stuff, we’re going to be giving you a head start. 

Tuesday, Day 3 - Building An Unstoppable Brand & Crafting Your Marketing - 15:00 BST

By this point, we’ve defined some goals and we know who you’re going to be targeting and how. On day 3 we work on creating a brand and a marketing message that stands out in the news feed. These tools and tactics are what has allowed us to stand out in a noisy market and if you get these simple concepts built and in place in your business, you’ll be in an amazing position. 

Wednesday, Day 4 - Building Your Online Programme - 15:00 BST

Today is a big day, we’ll be taking the answers to the tasks and the work we’ve done over the previous 3 days and using it to actually start making your online programme. We’ll be covering the specific delivery systems we use in our business to coach 100s of clients at once without scaling our time and covering a leveraged way to delivery group coaching online. 

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